Wednesday, 9 April 2014

DIY - Making a Pincushion From a Baby Food Jar

Here is a cute and easy DIY project. I hope you'll like it...


- Cut a round-shaped piece from an old t-shirt. The piece should be twice the size of the jar lid.
- Sew the fabric edges with hand sewing, as seen in the picture.

- Pucker the fabric and put the cotton inside of the fabric when your needle and threat is still on there.
- Continue to puckering the fabric. Measure it with the Jars lid and add some cotton inside if needed.

- Finish the puckering, sew to close. Fix it to the jars lid with hot silicone or some glue.
- Use a ribbon to cover and hide the attachments.

- Embellish to hide the endpoint of the ribbon with a small flower.
- Embellish the jar with the same ribbon if you want.

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