Monday, 24 March 2014

Crispy Cookie

Hello, This cookie is my and my all friends favorite...
If there will be an event, like a birthday party or a baby shower, my friends ask me to make this crispy cookies for their event.
It is my promise, that you'll absolutely like it..

Crispy Cookie Recipe


- 1/4 cup vegetable oil – (i use sun flower seed oil) (approx. 65 grams)
- 1/4 cup yoghurt (approx. 65 grams)
- Half Package of vegetable margarine (melted) – (i use margarine for pastry ) (approx. 125 grams)
- 1 egg (white and yolk separated)
- 1/4 teaspoon salt (approx. 2 grams)
- 1/3 cup sugar (approx. 70 grams)
- 2 and a half cup flour (approx. 350 grams)
- 1 package baking powder (Not all of it - approx. 8 grams)
- 1 tablespoon sesame (approx. 15 grams)


- In a big bowl; cream together the vegetable oil, yoghurt, melted margarine, 1 egg yolk, salt, sugar.
- Add flour and baking powder (For baking powder 1 package is 11 gr, you have better add 8 grams.) to the mixture, knead with hand. Add 1 or 2 tablespoon of flour if needed.
- You will get a soft dough which is not stick to your hand.
- Rest the dough in refrigerator for 15 minutes to make it a bit harder
- Take 20-25 balls of dough and give them a shape. Line them to the bakery tray.
- Put sesames to a pan, broil them for 2 minutes.
- Brush all the cookies with egg white, then sprinkle with sesame.
- Put the tray in the oven when the oven is cold.
- After putting the cookies in the oven open the heater to 170 C, bake them for 30-35 minutes...
- After 35 minutes open the oven's door for 3 cm and don't take the cookies out for 15 minutes. This makes cookies crispy:)
- After 15 minutes take the cookies out from the oven.

Enjoy your best cookie ever:)

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